Global Virtual Hackathon & Startup Competition
June 8th - August 8th, 2021



Start-up Competition

Accelerator Program


Crypto Bounties

Audit + Advisory Meeting Worth


Plus +

3 Month Incubator With GDA Ventures Acceptance Into Grant Programs

Direct Listing or IEO Opportunities

Virtual Meetings With Executives & More Side Prizes


Select winning teams get a chance to present at the virtual pitch day and win up to


& Acceptance into the TDeFi Accelerator

The Next Top Blockchain Startup is a virtual hackathon, competition and accelerator program helping spotlight the next wave of blockchain entrepreneurs.

This is the opportunity to build, pitch and test out your idea in-front of industry leading protocols, organizations and investors. Do it solo or make a team. Compete in different prize categories, or tracks, to win crypto bounties and access to opportunities that go beyond the hackathon.

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Host Partners

Community Initiatives Partner

Virtual Pitch Day Partner

Community Support From


Michael Gord

CEO / GDA Capital

Erikan Obotetukudo

Founder & Partner / Audacity Fund

Simon Telian

Managing Director / Advanced Blockchain AG

Joaquim Miro

VP, Global Growth

Simon Yu

CEO & Co-founder / StormX

Enzo Villani

Alpha Sigma Capital

Christy Maclear

Artist Digital Ventures

Erick Pinos

President / Blockchain Education Network

Patrick Collins

Developer Advocate / Chainlink


Ecosystem Development / Terraform Labs

Matt Lockyer

Developer Relations Director / NEAR Protocol

Pradeep Aswal

CEO / Blockchain Council

Sandipan Kundu

Developer Evangelist / Polygon

Mike Grantis

Owner & Investor / CryptoWeekly & CW Ventures

Gaurav Bansal

Investment Lead / Holt Accelerator

Nick Plante

Director & Partner / dlab

Bill Laboon

Head of Technical Education / Web3 Foundation

Gaurav Dubey

Angel Investor / TDeFi

Joel Dietz

MIT Fellow / Founding Member, Ethereum Foundation

Aidan Hyman

CEO & Co-founder / ChainSafe

Carlos Santiago Roldán

Core Engineer / Terraform Labs

Brian Mosoff

CEO / Ether Capital

James Haft


Tatiana Koffman

Angel Investor

Muskan Kalra

Lead Developer Relations / Polygon

Ezaan Mangaliji

Smart Contract Developer / Terraform Labs

Chad Liang

Head of Listing / BitMart

Sam Hamilton

Community Lead / Decentraland Foundation

Bill Xing

Head of Financial Product / Bybit

Rebecca L. Batterman

Harvard Ventures

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