July 1 - August 24th, 2024

The Next Top Blockchain Startup Competition

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Join the world’s largest startup competition

The competition is led by Coinweb and GDA Capital.

Winning teams will have the opportunity to present live at the virtual pitch day and compete for the prize pool of $250,000+.

About the competition

The Next Top Blockchain Startup is a virtual hackathon, competition and accelerator program helping spotlight the next wave of blockchain entrepreneurs.

This is the opportunity to build, pitch and test out your idea infront of industry leading protocols, organizations and investors. Do it solo or make a team. Compete in different prize categories, or tracks, to win crypto bounties and access to opportunities that go beyond the hackathon.

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Tracks and Themes

Participants will focus on all key areas of blockchain technology such as DePin, Gaming, scalability solutions, and social impact.

The competition is organized into tracks to align projects with industry needs and provide targeted mentorship.



Gaming ​



Schedule and Deliverables

The Next Top Blockchain Startup Competition is aimed at discovering and nurturing emerging talents in the blockchain technology sphere.

It is open to a global audience of entrepreneurs, developers, and innovators. The competition is structured to foster innovation through mentorship, education, and competition, bridging the gap between innovative concepts and market-ready blockchain solutions.

The competition unfolds in three dynamic phases:

Kicking off in June, we officially open the doors for participants to step into the spotlight. This phase is all about spreading the word and inviting ambitious blockchain startups to throw their hats into the ring. 

Entrepreneurs and teams are encouraged to sign up, submit their project outlines, and prepare to build their revolutionary blockchain solutions. 

Registration details, submission guidelines, and competition criteria will be available on Devpost.

Click here for registration and more details. 

The real journey begins on July 1st, when the competition officially gets underway. 

Participants will navigate through a series of challenges designed to test the viability, innovation, and potential impact of their projects. 

This phase is about demonstrating creativity, strategic acumen, and the capability to disrupt the blockchain ecosystem. 

Judges comprising industry leaders, innovators, and venture capitalists will evaluate submissions, providing valuable feedback and selecting finalists for the next exciting phase.

Mark your calendars for August 17th, the climax of the competition, where the selected finalists will have the chance to pitch their projects live to a panel of esteemed judges and a global audience. 

This event is a platform for participants to articulate their vision, showcase their progress, and prove why their project deserves to win. 

The live pitches will be streamed across multiple channels, ensuring participants receive maximum visibility among potential investors, partners, and the broader blockchain community.

Educational Webinars

To maximize the benefit for participants, all webinars are scheduled within the first weeks of the hackathon, ensuring that participants are well-equipped from the outset.

The event starts with an open call for participants, followed by a one-month incubation period. 

Participants are expected to hit weekly milestones, including developing prototypes and gathering user feedback.

This ensures continuous progress and allows for meaningful mentorship.

Final Pitch and Timeline to Market

The competition culminates in a final pitch event with selected teams presenting to a panel of judges.

The timeline anticipates promotional activities beginning by June, with the competition starting on July 1, setting the stage for a comprehensive development and presentation phase.

Tracks & Webinars Alignment

Unifying Blockchain Worlds: Mastering Interoperability

Gain insights into the importance of interoperability and explore solutions with Coinweb experts.

Securing the Chain: Next-Gen Cybersecurity Solutions​

Learn about the evolution of blockchain security through decentralized/DePin methods with Naoris.​

Game On: Blockchain's Revolution in Gaming​

Explore how blockchain technology is transforming the gaming industry with Moxy.

Pioneering Sustainability: Layer 1 ESG Mining Revolution​

Discover the synergy of solar energy and blockchain on the Proof Of Green Energy blockchain with SolarX.

Revolutionary Technology: ERC-7621​ Basket Token Standard

Explore to design and deploy brand new tokenized funds on the blockchain with Alvara Protocol.

Weekly Deliverables

The event starts with an open call for participants, followed by a one-month incubation period.

Participants are expected to hit weekly milestones, including developing prototypes and gathering user feedback.

This ensures continuous progress and allows for meaningful mentorship.

July marks the beginning of the competition. During the first week, participating members are expected to form into teams, register and select a track

The main focus of this phase is ensuring that all teams have access to the necessary information including registration details, submission guidelines, and evaluation criteria available on Devpost, facilitating a smooth start to their competition journey.

Entering the second week, teams will initiate the development process of their projects, concentrating on their primary technology. 

Participants start to bring their digital assets projects to life, emphasizing creativity and the application of strategic insights to disrupt the blockchain ecosystem. 

This period is also marked by active participation in webinars, which are designed to align with the projects’ focus areas.

A main focus of this stage is the execution of an extensive market analysis. Teams are required to research and analyze the specific market segment they aim for, to identifying both the target audience and the market opportunities. 

The third week is devoted to the enhancement of the project, incorporating insights gained from the previous webinars.

Teams move forward to develop their first prototype. 

This week’s priority is to enhance the project’s viability, innovation, and potential impact, leveraging the insights provided to strengthen their digital asset solutions.

The 4th week is dedicated to finalizing the chosen track, with teams polishing their prototypes, compiling comprehensive documentation of their work and preparing for the final pitch. 

Teams are tasked with making a demo video that offers a comprehensive overview of their projects. 

Alongside the video, a medium article must be prepared and submitted, highlighting the project’s development throughout the last weeks.

This event is pivotal, as it not only determines the competition’s winners but also provides participants with extensive visibility within the digital asset community and potential investors.

The Top 3 Teams of each tracks will be invited to the live pitches.

With end of week 4, the top teams will be announced.

The selected teams will take part in live events to compete for the first place.


The competition hosts multiple prize categories, or as we like to call them, tracks.

Each track will have different submission requirements and prizes to be won.

You can opt-in to multiple tracks! Don’t forget this.


in prizes

Unveiling a prize pool of $250,000

The event starts with an open call for participants, followed by a one-month incubation period.

Participants are expected to hit weekly milestones, including developing prototypes and gathering user feedback.

This ensures continuous progress and allows for meaningful mentorship.

Kicking off with Interoperability Innovator with Coinweb

This track aims to bridge the gaps between diverse blockchain ecosystems, enhancing seamless interactions and connections.

Gain insights into the importance of interoperability and explore-solutions with Coinweb experts.

Entrants can anticipate not only significant financial rewards but also strategic meetings and advisories that could catapult their projects into the limelight, emphasizing the pivotal role of interoperability in the blockchain landscape.

Decentralized Cybersecurity Champion with Naoris

This category rewards those pushing the envelope in securing and maintaining the integrity of data across blockchains.

This track underscores the importance of decentralized solutions in safeguarding data, offering cash rewards, and exclusive sessions to accelerate project development.

The Gaming with Moxy

This category is dedicated to the burgeoning field of blockchain-based gaming, rewarding groundbreaking platforms and games that leverage blockchain technology. Winners in this segment can look forward to significant rewards, including mentorship and fast-track opportunities, underscoring the transformative potential of blockchain in the gaming industry.

Further specialized tracks are each equipped with a unique set of rewards tailored to the specific domain. These rewards range from financial incentives, mentorship sessions, to exclusive development opportunities, all designed to propel innovative projects to new heights.

Ultimately, the competition’s prize structure is meticulously crafted to encompass a broad spectrum of blockchain technologies and applications. By offering such varied and significant rewards, it not only encourages entrepreneurs and developers to bring forward their most innovative ideas but also sets the stage for the next wave of blockchain innovation, significantly contributing to the expansion and diversification of the global blockchain ecosystem.

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Judges & Speakers

Michael Gord

CEO / GDA Capital

Joaquim Miro

Partner / GDA Capital

Erick Pinos

Ecosystem Lead / Nibiru Chain

David Carvalho

CEO / Naoris

Antonio Gomes

Capital Market Architect / GDA Capital

Toby Gilbert

CEO / Coinweb

Maurice Ng

Former Gate CIO

Glenn Grant

CEO / SolarX


Engineering Manager / Robinhood

Patrick Soh

Co-Founder / Coinseeker.co

Domonic Ryder

Co-founder / Alvara

Ajeet Khurana

Founder / Reflexical

Samuel Thomas

Venture Capital

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